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Content: This page contains brief news summaries for our organization from 2000. If you wish to contact us, please feel free to email us at the address listed below.

NEWS Reports:

December 18, 2000
Can't believe it's the end of the year! Remember the Y2K concerns? Seems like only yesterday. Also can't believe all this snow! I don't know about you but this Kiwanian has had enough winter already and so has my back! Looks like we're going to break the record for December snowfall. If this is any indication for January-March, I'm heading south!!

On to business: Thanks go out to those Kiwanians who participated in the Elkhorn Christmas Parade on December 2nd. Special thanks to Elkhorn Motors for donating the truck used in the parade.

Our 23rd Annual Kiwanis Christmas Dinner will be held at the Community Center on Christmas Day from 2pm to 4pm. This long standing tradition of sharing a "Christmas Feast" with the community begins with pre-dinner snacking at 2pm with a great dinner prepared by Lakeland Medical Center served at 3pm.

THANK YOU to everyone who have volunteered to help with this event! As has happened in previous years, the response is overwhelming. Hank Mol has even had to turn away some volunteers. This is really what membership to Kiwanis and community involvement is all about!!

SPECIAL THANKS to area businesses including: Frank's County Market, Lakeland Bakery, Deakin Isle, Elkhorn Pastry and Daniel's Sentry Foods. Their long-standing support has helped to make our dinner a special event.

This will most likely be the last news update for this year! Since the next two Mondays are holidays, there is no meeting scheduled (don't forget the Christmas Dinner if you signed up). The next board meeting is January 4, 2001. Meals-on-Wheels is also scheduled the week of January 8th, our first meeting day in 2001.


November 6, 2000
THANK YOU to everyone who supported the annual Fall Pancake Breakfast! By all accounts it was a success, serving 425 guests. It certainly takes a group effort, from food preparation and set-up on Saturday to tear-down and clean-up on Sunday, and everything in between.

Here's some the of "in-between" story in pictures:

Now, THIS crew is really frightening! Bob Beck insisted on making "silver dollar" pancakes, Howard (it's-all-in-the-wrist) Dailey "overflipped" the flapjacks and Warren Welkos did public relations while the cakes cooked. The second shift accused them of serving "TOAST" or some other crispy creation. Once our guests received their "creation", they were greeted by the smiling faces of Marsha Blimbergs and Audrey Peterson who handed out sausages and drink. Now who could pass this up?

President Connie Woolever, Kim Bushey and Tom Meyer were on clean-up detail. President-elect Bob Spake brings out another refill of coffee and Scott Christian is supervising the operation! THANKS TO ALL who assisted for this event!

On to other business... the program today was fantastic! The Club was provided with some "thought provoking" scenarios presented by the Elkhorn Area Middle School Improv Troop. Topics presented addressed many of the social problems that these 6th thru 8th grade students must deal with on a day to day basis; alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence and just plain fitting in at school. The time available for questions and discussion wasn't long enough. GREAT JOB to each and every one of these young adults, along with their instructors. We look forward to experiencing this again!!

Reminder: Immediately following the meeting on November 13, we need a couple of volunteers to prepare Parenting First Year mailings. If you can help, contact Hank Mol.

Christmas ornaments should be at the following stores soon: Ann's Hallmark, F&M Bank, Deakin Isle, Frank's County Market, Pharmacy Station and Daniels Sentry Foods - Elkhorn. These ornaments make great gifts and are only $9.00 each. Speaking of Christmas, mark your calendar Saturday December 2nd for the Elkhorn Christmas Parade. We will be participating and handing out goodies to the kids!!

October 30, 2000
CONGRATULATIONS to Kiwanian Frank Grunseth, this year's recipient of the Elkhorn Citizen of the Year Award!

Elkhorn Mayor Paul Ormson presented this award to a very honored (and surprised) Frank Grunseth for his continued community support through Kiwanis, the Elkhorn Food Pantry and many, many untold hours of service to residents of Elkhorn. Congratulations Frank!

Thanks to all who attended and assisted with the Duttons! They provided excellent entertainment for young and old. The final tally isn't in yet but Hank Mol reported that we received $118 in refreshment sales. We didn't have any leftovers, remaining cookies were sent along with the Duttons for their road trip that evening to Alabama for their next show, Robert Kennedy bought the rest of the peanuts! THANKS AGAIN to all who helped!

Don't forget our Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, November 5th. Tickets have been distributed, now


October 23, 2000
What a day! True to their word, the Elkhorn Rotary Club made good on the "friendly wager" for the Rotary "Putt-Off" that occurred during Festival of Summer. The "losers" would serve a meal during the club's regular business meeting at noon and donate $100 toward community service projects.

Kiwanian Matt Goebel is giving proper serving etiquet suggestions to Rotarian Tony Serpe. Doing the clean up are Patty Zimmerle and Jim Mason...

...along with Diane Coopman and Ted Jacobson. Kiwanis President Connie Woolever GLADLY accepted a check from Jim Mason!

A good time was had by both clubs and the "winnings" went to an excellent cause. By the way, several Rotarians were "overhead" saying they were going to change to rules (again) next year for the Annual Putt-Off to try to get their money back and have the Kiwanis serve them for a change. Warren Welkos... polish up the golf clubs... I think we have another challenge forthcoming!

Our program today was the Elkhorn Area Middle School Choir. This talented group of 6th graders (all 85 of them!) provided an excellent performance for the club. Keep up the great work!

Welcome back goes out to Frank Grunseth! Rumor has it he went AWOL from the hospital just to attend today's meeting with Rotary... (just kidding). DJ reminded everyone to SELL those Duttons tickets. If you signed up to usher or serve refreshments, please be at the school no later than 6:15pm. Don't forget to get the Pancake Tickets out there also!! SEE YOU AT THE DUTTONS CONCERT ON FRIDAY!!!

October 16, 2000
CONGRATULATIONS to Connie Woolever and the new incoming "crew" for the 2000-2001 term! Check back later for pix of the Installation Banquet. Special thanks go to Past President Tim Majcen and his administration for a job well done! See Tim, it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be...

Can't believe nearly a month has gone by without an update to this page! Where is the year going? On to important matters:

Our Club has learned that Elkhorn Kiwanian Frank Grunseth has had a recent hospital stay, but rumor has it he is on the road to recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with him. We look forward to your return to keep our meetings "lively"!

SELL THOSE DUTTON TICKETS! DJ has reported that sales have slumped a bit and we need to get those tickets sold. Last year this was a major fundraiser and the potential is much greater if the effort is made to increase the attendance to the show. This group is excellent family entertainment and was really enjoyed by those attending last year. People won't be disappointed so sell, Sell, SELL!

Speaking of tickets, yes we also have our Annual Fall Pancake Breakfast fast approaching. We are looking for one or two individuals to assist in organizing this thing on an ongoing basis. Ben Coopman has done this for the past several years but is unable to commit the time. If you can help, contact Connie. If you haven't received your tickets, contact Scott Christian.

Speaking of Ben, our Club presented a Hixson to a surprised Ben Coopman:

Ben has been an excellent contributor to the growth of this Club. His untiring efforts will not be forgotten. Not only as 1993 Past President but also the spearhead in our pancake breakfasts and most recent, the Kiwanis Playground at the Elkhorn Soccer Park. CONGRATULATIONS BEN!

One last note, remember the "Rotary Putt-Off"? They will be "serving" Monday, October 23rd. DON'T MISS IT!!!

September 18, 2000
Our prayers go out to Hank Mol and Larry Kocha who recently underwent surgery. By all accounts, both are doing well. In fact, Hank threatened to attend the regular Kiwanis meeting today but was convinced otherwise! We hope to see both of them back at it again, SOON!!

A reminder for those who signed up to assist in the Great America trip on Sunday, September 24th. Contact Marsha Blimbergs to verify your reservation and for details on the trip. If you did not sign up and would like to participate (much appreciated), contact Marsha.

Don't forget our Installation Banquet Tuesday September 26th. If you haven't signed up and would like to attend the "final roast" of President Tim, contact him today! He still has a couple of days left in his "presidency" to find a plate for you and guest. DON'T MISS IT!!

One last note, it was announced today that our club, in cooperation with Jones Travel and Tour, will again present THE DUTTONS. Details will follow, but the date will be Friday, October 27th. Mark your calendar!!

September 11, 2000
IT'S OVER! The fair parking was a HOT success! Thanks to everyone who participated and to those patrons who continue to support us. Special thanks to Harlan Laney (the Lot Wizard) who not organizes the event, sets up the scheduling and the lot but also fills in for "no shows". THANKS AGAIN TO ALL! Pictures? You bet we have pictures...

I don't know how hard THIS crew was working (picures courtesy of Doug Demlow) but the next bunch started out with a vengeance to fill the lot! Parking started at 8am and the lot was full by 10:00am! The only problem with this crew is the Elkhorn Police had to escort Stephanie out of the middle of the street most of the morning. Stephanie, you can't put those funny looking orange cones in the middle of Fair Avenue to redirect traffic through our lot!!!...

But, enough about fair parking... THANKS to Doug Demlow, Jay Karow, Lorn Matelski, Hank Mol and Dick Thompson who on September 8th, went to Great America for Arthur Anderson Night and handed out "Arthur Anderson Dollars" for the event. We have another date set for September 24th. If you can find the time, please volunteer for this worthwhile fundraiser!!

August 28, 2000
FAIR PARKING! If you haven't signed up for two shifts, contact Harlan. He still has a few unfilled times. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and supports our scholarships. WE NEED EVERYONE'S SUPPORT!

Meals-on-Wheels, Adopt-a-Highway and the Installation Banquet have been scheduled. Check out the Activity Page for more information. Reminder: No regular meeting Monday September 4th. Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 7th.

August 21, 2000
WHERE HAS THE SUMMER GONE? Unbelievable as it may seem, FAIR PARKING is here! The signup sheet has been around but there are a few unfilled spaces. To effectively cover the shifts, everyone needs to take at least 2 shifts. If you haven't already signed up, or even if you have, contact Harlan if you can work anymore. Help is also needed for Tuesday, August 29th to set up. Meet at the Community Center at 4pm if you are able to assist.

June 19, 2000
THANKS to all of the members who contributed their efforts at the JI Case picnic. As you may know, the proceeds for this event fund our Baby Book project. According to Hank Mol, the area Kiwanis Clubs served food and refreshments to 4500 to 5000 JI Case employees. THANKS AGAIN!

CONGRATULATIONS to Duane "Skip" Katzman, our latest recipient of the Hixson Award. Skip participated in our "Matching Funds" program by contributing to the Kiwanis IDD Worldwide Service Project. THANK YOU SKIP!

President Tim Majcen presents Hixson to "Skip" Katzman.

A reminder for all members, the District Convention is slated for Milwaukee, August 4th thru the 6th. Get your reservations in NOW! Contact Jay for registration materials or more information.

May 22, 2000
CALENDARS CALENDARS CALENDARS! Yes folks, it's that time again... All calendar sales information MUST be turned in on Monday June 5th. A little more time is available to sell ad space but birthday and anniversary information along with calendar sales is due June 5th. Any questions, contact either Robert Burton at 262-742-4751 or Marcia Blimbergs at 262-348-0594. And, SELL, SELL, SELL!!!

Have a safe Memorial Day. Don't forget to thank the Veterans who have served and remember those who gave their lives for our freedom!

May 15, 2000
WELCOME two new members! Walworth County Undersheriff David Graves and Erwin Klug were inducted into the Elkhorn Kiwanis Club. David Graves was sponsored by Allen Zimmerman and Erwin Klug was sponsored by Frank Grunseth.

Allen Zimmerman, David Graves, Frank Grunseth, Erwin Klug
and James Carlson performing the Induction Ceremony.

Welcome to our Club! THANKS go out to Al Zimmerman and Frank Grunseth for providing sponsorship. C'mon members, let's keep the momentum going, BRING A GUEST!!

Robert Burton has "volunteered" to coordinate this year's calendar sales. This will be a joint effort with other Fundraising Committee members. Look for calendar sales sheets by next week's meeting. Get 'em sold and back by no later than June 5th. This will give Mary Ellen enough time to get everything entered in the database for the printers. THANK YOU Robert Burton for stepping forward!

Harlan provided a reminder that THIS SUNDAY, May 21st is the National Honors Society Banquet. If you haven't signed up, contact Harlan IMMEDIATELY! If you have signed up and don't show, you forfeit the $14. If you signed up and haven't paid and don't show, Brian will add it to your bill (he's really good at doing that...)

Special note, Adopt-a-Highway will be held this Tuesday May 16th. Meet at 5:30pm at the corner of Hwy 11 and Amos Road. Bring spouse, friend, neighbor, etc. The group will go out for pizza after project completion. I'm not sure, but I think someone said Bob Spake was buying???... SEE YOU THERE or at the Honors Banquet!!

May 8, 2000
HELP! We are in desperate need of someone to head up the calendar fundraiser! Time is of the essence since we only have a short time to get the necessary information to Mary Ellen for computer entry. Most of the work is done by the members and Mary Ellen but we need someone to organize the stuff, get it to and from the membership and back to Mary Ellen. We don't want to abandon this fundraiser since it usually nets the Club $1500-2000!!!

In addition, Jerry Hoffman requested and was granted a short leave of absence creating a vacancy as Fundraising Chair. We need someone to take over the reins on the committee! Without continued fundraising, we will be limited in our ongoing community support efforts!

The totals aren't final yet but it looks like we served 427 people at the Spring Pancake Breakfast on Sunday May 7th. A few of the late arrivers went without sausages and orange juice was looking rather skimpy but overall, everything went well. THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!!

Sign-up sheet was passed around for the annual J.I. Case Picnic. Setup is scheduled for Friday June 16 with the picnic on Saturday June 17th. If you can work at either one (or both), contact Harlan to be added to the list. This is a joint club project with the proceeds supporting the Baby Book project.

Lastly, Audrey is still looking for volunteers to participate in a Great America work day. The two dates of choice are Saturday May 20th or Wednesday May 24th. We will only participate in one of the two dates. If you are able to work either of those dates, please contact Audrey immediately since a decision has to be made and Great America notified. That's it for now. Check back again!!

April 17, 2000
There were a "flurry" of signup sheets passed around the meeting today! Many, many projects coming up fast. We will have a work day on April 29th (weather permitting) for playground equipment installation at the soccer park from 9am to 3pm. BRING HAND TOOLS! We will have power equipment to do the digging and equipment placement but we need PEOPLE to do the "some assembly required" part... Ben Coopman has also requested that if you aren't up to the manual labor part, we could always use "go-fers" for coffee, rolls, sandwiches, band-aids and the like. See you there!

Make sure to check out theActivity Page or Calendar Page for more information.

Thanks to Bob Spake for getting a new VCR from Lyle's TV and Appliance in Elkhorn. You may recall, the old VCR "bit the dust" when Bob (our Program Chairman) was to give his program. Still sounds kind of fishy but at least a new VCR has been purchased and installed. Enough of this for now, check back again!

April 12, 2000
HERE THEY ARE! Compliments of Pastor Doug Demlow. These "cooks" really know their CHILI!! Shown are Kiwanians Marty Zempel, Lorn Matelski and Frank Grunseth stirrin' up the kettle's. Unbelievable as it may seem, rumor has it that the chili was REALLY good too! You can also catch this crew working their "magic" at the Pancake Breakfast scheduled for Sunday May 7th.

Here are a few of the volunteers assisting with the cleanup and a shot of some of the attendee's enjoying the presentation by Rev. Scott McLeod. Our THANKS to all who assisted and attended this year's Lenten Luncheons. Thanks again Doug for the pictures!

April 10, 2000
It was a relatively "busy" day at the meeting, even though our Program Chairman "broke" the VCR! Gee, I wonder if the fact that it was the Program Chairman's day to provide the PROGRAM had anything to do with it??? Bob Spake "volunteered" to get the VCR checked out and perhaps reschedule his program again for another time....

Many projects coming up for May! Check out the Activity Page for information on the Pancake Breakfast, Meals-on-Wheels, Honors Night Banquet and more! Don't forget to check the Calendar Page for information on future dates and projects. On to other issues.

One of the projects our Club has decided to help support is the "under construction" Family Resource Center. This project was started by the Sugar Creek Lutheran Church and has since gained momentum. Hank Mol was instrumental in researching this cause and is shown providing the Club updated information on the project. A check for $3000 was then presented by President Tim Majcen to Anne Sanville and Laina Papenfus from the Center to help fund the "Kiwanis Corner", a play area for young children while they are there with their parents. The "Kiwanis Corner" will be a joint effort in conjuction with other area clubs. OUR THANKS to the area clubs who have already contributed to this project!

Hank also brought the Club up to date with the Parenting 1st Year program. This worthwhile project (which we also support), is in need of 1-2 volunteers for about a couple of hours twice a month to assist in assembling the letters and get them ready to mail. If you can find the time in your schedule, please contact Hank.

Check back again soon! Pastor Doug Demlow has promised to provide some rather "incriminating" evidence to once again PROVE that Kiwanians DID ATTEND our Lenten Luncheons!!

March 13, 2000
It's been awhile, but we're back at it again! Check out our Activity Page and our Calendar Page for recent updates. Our annual St. Patty's Day event was a huge success! Until I get the pictures "developed" (that is, remove disk from camera and upload to the webpage...) you will have to look at my "drivel" in print. The Elkhorn High School flute ensemble and sax ensemble did a GREAT JOB!! Special thanks go to Mr. Palmer for bringing these young adults to show their talents! More on this to follow, until then...

January 3, 2000
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We certainly hope no one has caught the "Y2K" bug... Yours truly has resolved to keep this webpage up to date but we all know resolutions usually only last until...

Special THANKS go out to all who assisted with the Salvation Army Bell Ringing. Rumor has it we collected $1326 more than last year! The annual Christmas Day Dinner was a great success again this year, thanks to Hank Mol and everyone who volunteered to assist. Our special gratitude is extended to our area merchants for providing the needed support! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

A reminder to all Kiwanians, Mid-winter Conference is set for February 11th thru the 13th in Green Bay. Advance registration is due by January 15th. If you would like to attend, contact Jay Karow for the signup pack. The International Convention is June 23rd thru the 27th located in Miami. We are looking for a couple of delagates to attend! Again, contact Jay for more information.

EVERYONE, check out the updated Committee Page . An Interclub schedule has been developed by President Tim Majcen. This should give everyone plenty of time to plan for their scheduled Interclub!

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