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The Kiwanis Club of Elkhorn meets each Monday at 12:00 noon, at the Elkhorn Community Center. (next to Mathison Public Library)

1922 - 1965
Submitted by:
Allan Lundgren - Past Secretary

The Kiwanis Club of Kenosha Wisconsin sponsored our Club in the spring of 1922. The organizational meeting for the Elkhorn Kiwanis Club was held at the Community Hall north of the Baptist Church on April 25, 1922 with more than 40 interested businessmen present.

Charter night was held at the Sterlingworth Hotel with District Governor John Moss of Milwaukee, as the main speaker. There was a lot of humor in the meeting and at one point a bag of balloons was dropped from the ceiling with resulting balloon bursting excitement. At this time there were already 56 members in the Club and all attended with their ladies.

The first President of our Club was Frank Holton of the Frank Holton and Company band instrument factory, who called the meetings to order in the Nickle Plate Hotel building where the club met up until 1940, when they moved to the Elkhorn House and stayed there until after the War, when it moved to our present location in the Municipal Building. Frank Holton served as Presdient of the club for two years with Ralph Thmas as Secretary during that time. In 1924 James L. Harris took over the Presidency and Walter Strong served as Secretary.

Over the years several outstanding men have served as Presidents some of these also served our District in various capacities. Thus Elkhorn has provided Lt. Governors for the District in men such as Charles Jahr, Nick Carter, William Sheldon and A.C. Peters.

Among the early accomplishments in so far as serving the community was the construction of a very excellent band shell in the park in which the Holton Band and others have provided musical entertainment in our City for many years. As the years went by, new service projects were adopted and have become matter of course items at the present time. Noteworthy among these are the sponsoring of Troop 25BSA, sending students and teachers to Trees for Tomorrow, students to Badger Boys State, students to Summer Music Clinic at Madison, co-sponsoring of Halloween party, co-sponsoring annual Post Prom party.

In 1957 the Club put in much effort in backing the Salk Polio vaccine program, which thereby was very successful. In 1960 began the practice of supporting the American Field Service program in their work of bringing foreign students here and also sending our own students to foreign Countries to study. At the present time, our club has an 85 man membership and among these we still have 4 Charter members actively participating.

1965 - 1990
Submitted by:
Harlan Laney - Secretary

On January 1, 1965 membership was 87. The club initiated a project to provide a swimming pool and a $4000 pledge was instrumental in the success of this project which once completed has continuously provided enjoyment for Elkhorn residents. Other projects in the sixties included a Farmer's Appreciation Night. Fundraising projects included County Fair parking, selling peanuts and spaghetti suppers. During this time period the Kiwanis joined with other community organizations to purchase and move to its current location the Community Building; this required raising and donating substantial sums of money. The building has been donated to the community.

A highlight project during the '70's was "Special Days For Special People", a day of entertainment for kids with physical or mental handicaps. Neighboring Kiwanis Clubs supporting the project included East Troy, Lake Geneva, Delavan-Darien and Whitewater. Other projects initiated during this time were the Christmas Dinner for those with no place to go and Lenten Lucheon Program. This on-going project brings the community together during Lent at a local church; a devotional message is provided by local clergy; a light lunch is provided by the Club. A free will offering is collected and donated to the local food pantry, a travelers aid fund, and to the ecumenical ministry to the aged. New fund raising projects evolving during this time include sale of birthday calendars and pancake breakfasts. In 1980 the Club membership stood at 61 members.

On going contributions to the community include: Food Pantry; Boy Scouts; Girl Scouts; Badger Boys State; Summer Music Clinic scholarships; college scholarships; Teacher of the Year; Foster Parent of the Year. Over this entire time period the Club has held an annual Honors Night to recognize area high school students for academic achievement. Significant contributions in 1989 included donations to the Matheson Library, Webster House Museum and Vocational Industries for building expansions.

Currently our membership stands at 52 members, including charter member Andy Oleson who at age 98 still attends meetings on a regular basis. During this time period John Spragia distinguished himself as Lt. Governor for our District.

1990 - Present
Submitted by:
Harlan Laney - Secretary

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