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Content: This page contains brief news summaries for our organization from 1999. If you wish to contact us, please feel free to email us at the address listed below.

NEWS Reports:

October 11, 1999
It's "out with the old" and "in with the new" with newly installed President Tim Majcen and "crew"! Tim's first meeting went pretty well... all things considered. He whacked the gong with authority! (must have learned that at PEPC training...) Yours truly (Past Pres) just didn't know where to park the 'ol carcass since I wasn't allowed anywhere near the head table!! Found a spot near my old perch before I was ?elected? an officer.
September 22, 1999
It's been awhile, but we're back at it again! Check out our Activity Page and our Calendar Page for recent updates. Friday, September 24th is Kiwanis Peanut Day! Our members will be at Frank's County Market, Sentry Foods and the Post Office handing our FREE PEANUTS from 11am to 6pm. Stop by and say "Hi" and grab a bag of free peanuts. Since we're on "Friday", you might like to tune in to 20/20 that evening and catch the segment on Kiwanis and IDD.

Jay is getting a little nervous on the lack of signups to work the Great America Fundraiser on October 1st and 2nd. If at all possible, contact him and sign up! The trip will be an "easy" one, handing out greeting materials at the front gate. Piece of cake...!!! Anyone can help, even your kids if they are 16 or older. Next door neighbor, aunts, uncles, long lost cousins... That's it for now, check back again!!

April 26, 1999
With all of the rain last week, I thought our next project was going to be build an ARK! But, the sun decided to show up and the weekend turned out great. On to business...

SELL, SELL, SELL, those Pancake tickets! According to Ben Coopman, the signup sheet looks pretty good but there are still a couple of open slots. If you haven't signed up yet, contact Ben and find out where you are needed. We'll see you at Vocational Industries on Sunday. Oh, did I mention to SELL, SELL, SELL, your tickets?

Honors Night Banquet is set for Sunday, May 16th. Mark your calendars and sign up! We would REALLY like to have a great Kiwanian turnout for this to show our continued support for these young adults. Cost is $13 per person and Harlan has the signup list. See you there!

Six Flags Great America fundraiser is set for Wednesday, May 26th. Jay Karow has enough members signed up to just make minimum. We would like to get a few more so we can go there with at least 15 people. Hopefully, the weather will be good and everyone will have a good time with this trip. If you can fit it in your schedule to help, contact Jay. Bring your spouse, kids, neighbor to lend a hand! It's "easy money" for the Club for a few hours of your time.

Last but certainly not least, we inducted John Jantz as a new member today! John worked for Walworth County for 20 years and recently retired. He always had an interest in the Club but was unable to commit due to his career responsibilities. John was sponsored by Al Zimmerman who was really "crying the blues". Sorry John, we tried to postpone your induction as long as possible so you could enjoy lunch on Al's tab but he really started to kick up a fuss... Yours Truly suffered from a "brain cramp" and forgot to bring the camera. I'm sure John's picture will show up on one of these pages in the near future. WELCOME to Kiwanis!

One final note... ask our "Words of Wisdom" humorist, Dale Folkers, what happens if you miss a meeting in our organization. I'm sure he'll have a story to tell ya'... right Hank?

March 8, 1999
Reminder for everyone, Meals on Wheels this week! Speaking of "Meals", Wade Scheel submitted his resignation today. Wade has taken a position with another firm located in Minnesota starting March 29th. I tried my best to convince him to "commute" but to no avail. Wade was the Chairman of the Community Services committee and had the responsibility of organizing our group for Meals on Wheels, along with Adopt-a-Highway and many other activities. Jodi Acheson has agreed to take over "Meals" for scheduling but we still need other Committee members to step forward for some of the other projects. Any interested takers, let me know. Otherwise, the Elkhorn Kiwanis Club "railroad" will run again and take "volunteer" passengers along the way!! Thank you Jodi for stepping forward. BEST WISHES to Wade and his family. Thank you for a job well done!

St. Patty's Day corned beef and cabbage bash is shaping up nicely! Harlan has his RSVP list and is checking it twice. So far, we have responses from several area clubs, including Racine! Bob Beck is getting the raffle prizes put together, George Lauderdale has the Monte Carlo Room on ALERT, Gary Bauman has lined up Elkhorn High School music talent and our treasurer, Brian Watson, is saying "Show me the money"!! Why... I even heard "rumor" that our Lt. Governor, Jan Oswald, may even make a special appearance. If you haven't RSVP'd as yet, please do so by NO LATER THAN NOON FRIDAY, March 12th. Contact either Harlan Laney at 414-723-3660, Jay Karow at 414-723-3872 or Bob Klabunde at 414-723-2123. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!

March 1, 1999
Just about fell out of my seat today! Had a "Guest" who we haven't seen for awhile, right Stephanie? (Immediate Past President...) I accused her of suffering from the "Past President's Syndrome" virus. Scott appears to be recovering nicely from his bout with the same "virus". Welcome back!

Had a lot of "Missing Persons" still missing... Don't know if it's because many members have "flew south" for the winter, busy schedules, my presidency or a combination thereof! I think I'm getting a complex... Fined the poor members that DID make it: "Anyone who has not brought a GUEST to a Kiwanis meeting yet this year". Got a lot of groans with that one, especially from Judge Robert Kennedy. I told Bob at least I haven't done the Jan Oswald (Lt Governor) "What the heck, let's pass it around AGAIN" routine!!...$$$

DJ Richardson has the program for March 22nd. He intends to provide a demonstration on Martial Arts and may need a volunteer. I informed the Club that there was a short "Board Meeting" before we started our regular meeting and the vote was UNANIMOUS to have our Immediate Past President "stand in". Stephanie didn't seem too keen on that idea. More on this to follow...

On to the business side. The drinking water situation at Twin Oaks Shelter has not improved. Members are asked to continue to bring in gallon bottles of drinking water until this problem has been solved. Lorn Matelski and Jodi Acheson will make sure the water is delivered. Thanks to everyone for their continued support!

Rev. Doug Demlow updated everyone on the Lenten Luncheons. Everything is progressing well and "free will" donations appear to be up. Proceeds will be split between Twin Oaks Homeless Shelter and the Association for the Prevention of Family Violence. Jay Karow brought the Club up to date on our 1999 Great America fundraiser. Information should be arriving within the next few weeks. All members should plan to spend at least ONE day on the fundraiser, if at all possible. Last year we netted about $1600 for three days of work and fun. GREAT JOB!! Our meeting finished with an excellent program provided by the Southeast Wisconsin Chapter of the American Red Cross.

REMINDER: Board Meeting Thursday, March 4th, 12noon at the TowneHouse. Also, Meals on Wheels next week!

February 8, 1999
My thanks to Tim Majcen (next to be in the "Hot Seat" - President Elect) and Connie Woolever (Vice-President) for covering the regular meeting and the board meeting in my absence last week. The only problem that Tim had was clanging the Kiwanian Bell to start the meeting. Tim, they teach the proper technique during PEPC training. Good thing you're going! On to other business...

Our club welcomed our two newest board members, DJ Richardson and Jerry Hoffman. They both agreed (either willingly or not...) to fill the unexpired terms of Gene Krauklis and Phyllis Rice, both of whom had to step down due to work location changes. Our thanks to DJ and Jerry AND to Gene and Phyllis for a job well done!

Wade Scheel updated the club on the drinking water situation at Twin Oaks Shelter, which we help support. Each member has been asked to bring in a gallon or two of drinking water over the next two weeks to help out until the situation is remedied.

Lenten Luncheons at St. Johns have been planned starting February 24th. Also check out the ACTIVITY page for the latest update on the St. Patrick's Day - Corned Beef and Cabbage event!

January 18, 1999
I don't know about you, but the "WebMaster" has had enough Winter '98-99... C'mon Spring! A reminder to all Kiwanians that the deadline for Mid-Winter Conference reservations is Friday, January 22nd. If anyone else is still interested in attending, contact either myself or Harlan for information.

The Club presented a check to the Elkhorn Food Pantry from our First Annual Advent Luncheon proceeds. Kiwanian Frank Grunseth accepted the check on their behalf and gave the club a short update on their status. Kiwanian Lorn Matelski also provided the club a "fact sheet" regarding Twin Oaks, the area homeless shelter which we support. As a result, the "Green Guy" was passed around and the President "fined" anyone who thought the Minnesota Vikings were going to the Superbowl. Anyone who supported the Vikings (Immediate Past President Stephanie Quass) was fined double... rightfully so! Proceeds went to the Shelter.

Tim Shaw from the Walworth County Emergency Government Office presented an excellent program on disaster preparedness. Very important information for all, especially since the "straight line wind" storm we experienced last summer and the recent winter snow storms. Part of his presentation also covered some of the anticipated problems with the Year 2000 (Y2K) bug. Anyone who would like more information may contact his office at 414-741-4160. The important thing here is to BE PREPARED and NOT PANIC. Maybe we should all just go back to using pencil and paper...

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