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October 6, 1997

Immediate Past President Scott Christian is "Roasted" by a ballon carrying singing telegram. While no one will "fess up" to perpetrating this action, there appears to be strong evidence to implicate President Elect Stephanie Quass and Past President Jan Oswald, although both vigorously deny this allegation.

You just never know what this Club is up to! Through donations to IDD, the Club was able to present Hixson's to 3 very surprised recipients. What made this especially difficult to decide at the board meetings was that the recipients were always PRESENT!

Harlan Laney, Club Secretary.

Dale Folkers, Treasurer.

Lorn Matelski, Editor of our Newsletter.

Lt.Governor Paul Mueller installs Stephanie Quass as President of the Elkhorn Kiwanis Club.

OUR CONGRATULATIONS to Harlan, Dale and Lorn for their well deserved Hixson's and to Scott for a year well done! Stephanie, you have your work cut out for you for 1998! Welcome aboard to all of the new officers and board members. One last note, Dale Folkers retired as our Treasurer this year. JOB WELL DONE!! GOOD LUCK to Brian Watson, new treasurer. We don't want to see any "trips" to Hawaii or other warm places...

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