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March 16, 1998

Gavel, Gavel. Who's got the Gavel...

President Stephanie Quass informed yours truly that someone "allegedly" lightfingered the Elkhorn Kiwanis Club Gavel! Now what n'er do well would stoop to such atrocities? Of course, she informed me (Pres Elect) that it was MY responsibility to keep an eye on this thing AFTER it was already in hiding. Stephanie, does the phrase "day late and a dollar short" mean anything to ya?.

Opening greeting by our President (minus gavel...)

Lt Govenor Paul Mueller providing a brief summary on the District.

Lt Govenor Elect, Jan Oswald addresses our group.

NO Elkhorn Kiwanis meeting could possibly be complete without Lorn Matelski's "Words of Wisdumb". Lorn worked especially hard to find these "groaners"...

Of course, there were a few volunteers to help Lorn out with some of their own favorite Irish humor. Dr. Ralph Smith from the Lake Geneva Club (hmmm... are we getting warmer locating the gavel?...) tells one of his favorites.

Our SPECIAL THANKS to the Elkhorn High School Swing Choir for providing an EXCELLENT program. The entire group provided a STANDING OVATION after their final song. GREAT JOB!

Mike Pierski, Circle K District Administrator, providing information on the District McKitrick Award that was presented to Norbe Sabin.

None of this would be possible without OUR COOKS!


OUR SINCERE THANKS to everyone who attended! Oh yes... the gavel... it appears that a former high-ranking official of the District may have reverted back to her former life - alias: Gavel Grabbin' Gail. However, this is only rumor and certainly has not been able to substantiated! President Stephanie STRONGLY insists that she DID NOT misplace the gavel so it MUST have been lifted... It certainly seems strange that our President had said missing gavel in her possession at the regular meeting on March 23...


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