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Content: This page contains brief news summaries for our organization from 2001. If you wish to contact us, please feel free to email us at the address listed below.

NEWS Reports:

December 17, 2001
THIS WAS OUR LAST MEETING FOR 2001.THANKS to all who assisted in the Salvation Army Bell Ringing! Gene Adney was unable to be present to provide the numbers, but he sent along a small token of his appreciation to the "ringers".

REMINDER to all Kiwanians! The Annual Christmas Dinner is fast approaching! If you signed up to assist, don't forget! Setup will start at 2pm on Monday December 24th and may take 45 minutes to an hour. Then you head back home. Christmas Day looks good for volunteers and for guests! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for everyone's assistance!

Our Club was deeply saddened to learn that Elkhorn Kiwanian John Jantz passed away. John had been fighting cancer for some time. John was an avid marathon runner and a decorated Vietnam War Veteran. John will certainly be missed.

This brings 2001 to a close. "Yours Truly" will be signing off until January 2002. We certainly hope that everyone has safe and pleasant holidays!!!

December 10, 2001
WELCOME our newest member, Tom Marciniak! Tom was previously a member of the Elkhorn Club until his employment took him outside the area. Well, we guess they got tired of him in Milwaukee and kicked him back here! Actually, Tom was given the opportunity to relocate with his employment and he chose to come back to Elkhorn. From left, Jim Carlson performs the induction, Tom Marciniak, and sponsor Scott Christian provides a little background.

Next picture - I really don't know what these two are chuckling about but I really start to get nervous anytime a banker and an attorney shake hands and smile!

Welcome to our Club! THANKS go out to Scott for providing sponsorship, although c'mon Scott, this was almost a gimmee! C'mon members, let's keep the momentum going, BRING A GUEST!!

Our program today was Elkhorn's very own John Stellmacher, owner of Landmark Title. Unknown to most, John has a "secret life". For the past 11 years, he has worked for NFL Films! John works with the film crews at ground level during NFL Games in the midwest market (Green Bay, Chicago, etc.) getting an up close and personal view of the action.

When time permits, John shoots a fair number of 35mm still photos during the games. You can see many of these photos at his business located at 5 West Walworth Street. Rumor has it the display of his work "almost" rivals the photo display at Lambeau Field!

Two last items: Don't forget the Salvation Army Bell Ringing (if you signed up). Also, Lorn Matelski has requested members to bring paper toweling for Twin Oaks Shelter for the Homeless as they are running short.

November 6, 2001
For those of you who missed the Governor's Banquet (last night), here are photos courtesy of Doug Demlow. You missed a great meal at the Cotton Exchange in Waterford and a very worthwhile program!

Governor Jeni Giedd and Lt. Governor Dick Corbett along with a few of our members. From left, President Elect Larry Kocha, Secretary Doug Demlow, Governor Jeni Giedd, Treasurer Audry Peterson and President Robert Spake.

November 5, 2001
THANKS to everyone to supported and assisted in the Pancake Breakfast last Sunday. Total served: 468 attendee's! Pictures? Yah, we have a few...

First we have Jerry "How in the world do I light this thing" Hoffman trying to relight the griddle while Warren Welkos watches over the "evidence" of their first attempt at pancakes (note the few pieces of "toast" at the front of the grill). The "crew" finally got it all together with the welcome addition of Bill Norem. Someone (who shall remain unnamed) suggested that with all of the HOT AIR in that particular area, there really was no need to relight the griddle...

Well, the crowd must have heard that this "grill crew" finally got it all together and lined up to sample the flapjacks! Once their plates were filled with 'cakes, they met up with these two shady characters who insisted on seeing some sort of ID! Serving the sausage and drink (milk or juice...NOTHING stronger...) were Sheriff David Graves and retired Elkhorn Police Officer Willis Loveless.

To keep up with the demand for refilled coffee containers and cleared tables took the expertise of this group. Actually, it was suggested that this crew was there for other reasons.

(From left) "What'll ya' give me for this plate of leftovers" Auctioneer Dale Folkers;

"That should teach you to talk with your mouth full" High School Principal Gary Bauman;

"Hey, if you got a complaint with the food we can certainly file a suit" Attorney Scott Christian;

and finally "I'll give you three square meals a day and a room with no view" Honorable Tom Meyer!

Of course no event would be a success without the hard work of the "behind the scenes" crew. Cooking the "schnitzels" were Al Armonda and Skip Katzman!

Check out our Program Page for Kristen Westlake's presentation on her works of art using digital photography.

REMINDER: The Governor's Banquet is TONIGHT!

Hank Mol asked for volunteers to assist in assembling the Parenting First Year flyers immediately following the meeting next week (Nov 12th). Let Hank know if you can assist. May take an hour or so to complete.

ROTARY CLUB WILL BE SERVING Monday November 12th! President Spake conducted as much business as possible today so as to allow the MAXIMUM amount of time for harrassment during next week's meeting! See you then!

October 29, 2001
After being "deposed" from the "Hot Seat" for nearly a month, the Past President's Plaque was finally presented to outgoing President Connie Woolever! Congratulations again Connie for a job well done.

The next MAJOR order of business was a surprise presentation from the family of fellow Kiwanian, the late Dr. Joseph Schrock. His son Steve presented a check to the Club to perpetually fund ongoing scholarships in Joe's name for students pursuing a field in medicine.

From left - President Spake, Steve Schrock and Attorney Lowell Sweet.

Joe was always actively involved with Kiwanis, enjoying the camaraderie of the membership and supporting the mission of Kiwanis. He also served as the Elkhorn Club President in 1985. One very successful fundraiser that Joe spearheaded was the Kiwanis Calendar Sale which continues today under new leadership. We are certainly grateful for the generous gift in Joe's honor!

Committee's met today. New form to fill out after completion of the meeting and hand into Secretary Doug Demlow. "Yours truly" was first to be called upon for report on Meetings & Activities. Discussion followed on the upcoming Elkhorn Christmas Parade. It was suggested that it fell under the auspices of my committee. I strongly suggested it belonged to Spiritual Aims since we needed to pray for good weather. I believe there was a conspiracy at the head table (with Pastor/Secretary Doug Demlow in attendance), that it was "decreed" that the project DID belong to Meetings and Activities...(sigh), overruled by a higher authority...

Don't forget about supporting the Elkhorn Food Pantry! Starting next week, for the entire month of November, all food (or cash) donations brought to the meeting will be forwarded to the Pantry. By the way, did I mention the Pancake Breakfast is THIS SUNDAY!? See you there!

October 22, 2001
It was with great pleasure that our Club presented a check to the Elkhorn Area School District for one third of the proceeds received during our Walworth County Fair parking lot fund raiser. Performing the honors was Treasurer Audrey Peterson (left) presenting the check to fellow Kiwanian and EASD representative Cathy Pomaranski.

Tim Shaw was our speaker today. Follow the link for more information.

November 4th is fast approaching. SELL THOSE PANCAKE TICKETS!

October 15, 2001
It was reported that we have successfully completed Adopt-a-Highway for this year, thanks to the "crew" and Jodi Acheson for organizing the effort! Ben Coopman reported (via Jerry Norton) that our club collected over $1200 for the Cancer Walk and the award plate has been updated.

New items: Yes folks, it's PANCAKE time again! Get those posters up and SELL THOSE TICKETS!

Pass the word... the 2001 Elkhorn Christmas Ornaments will be arriving at local retailers SOON! This is the 12th year for the ornament sale and we hope it will be the best ever! This year's ornament, "Snowflake", will bring holiday cheer to all and should be in the stores by the first week of November.

President Spake decided to allow the membership to test their "skill" at the bean bag toss to "save-a-buck". Instead of the usual "pass the green guy" around for pinless/badgeless, we were given the opportunity to try our luck. If you hit the mark with the bean bag, you walked away keeping your hard earned $$$. If not, you paid! Caught with a truly "lucky" shot was Gary Bauman from the Elkhorn Area Schools. Looking on with disbelief are Marty Zempel, Lorn Matelski and Bill Norem.

Our program today was Baby Book Assembly. Check out the link for pictures. THANKS to all who were able to stay late and assist! By the way... remember the Rotary Challenge at Elkhorn's Festival of Summer? Yes, they will be serving at one of our upcoming meetings due to their inability to beat our team at putting. But more importantly, "rumor" has it they are up to no good with next years challenge.

I have it on good authority they may give up on the putting challenge and consider a bike race of some sort? I promised Susan that I would NOT provide the name of my source... It's a good idea to change your computer password on occassion, don't you think?

October 8, 2001
WELCOME our newest member, Lee Zubrod! Lee is the owner of Zubrod Directional Boring and has recently relocated his business in Elkhorn. Sponsor "Uncle" Vice-President Al Zimmerman provides a little background with membership chair DJ Richardson performing the induction.

Welcome to our Club! THANKS go out to Al for providing sponsorship. C'mon members, let's keep the momentum going, BRING A GUEST!!

Speaking of the Vice-Prez, Al got a "taste of the hot seat" today filling in for President Robert Spake and President-Elect Larry Kocha who were unable to attend today's meeting. Al... 'ya done good 'eh! And newly elected Treasurer Audry Peterson got right into the swing of things as well. She handed out the bills for dues and meals, smiling (actually snickered) every time she presented one to each member!

Our program speaker today was Ken Saville director of Wisconsin Easter Seals Camp Wawbeek. Ken provided a slide show and update of the camp and their continuing needs for support. Our Club also presented a check to Ken to help continue their fine work with children and adults with physical disabilities.

October 1, 2001
New president, Robert Spake, took to his newfound leadership with the "pedal to the metal"! His first order of business was to recognize Past President Connie Woolever for a job well done, along with outgoing treasurer Brian Watson and secretary Jay Karow and welcoming new elects: Vice-President Al Zimmerman, Treasurer Audrey Peterson and Secretary Doug Demlow. Hard work will follow since Bob has some really great ideas to get the Club motivated again!

During this, Past President Connie wanted to recognize Harlan Laney for all of his continued support and hard work.

Harlan and his wife will soon relocate to the Eagle-Dousman area and most likely will be unable to regularly commute for meetings and activities. THANKS HARLAN for your continued support! Stop by when you can!

Our Peanut Day participants collected nearly $900 thanks to the spirit of the community! Special thanks to Frank's County Market, Sentry and the Postal Service for allowing us to "set up shop" on their doorsteps.

REMINDER: Rescheduled Adopt-a-Highway is now October 9th at 5:30pm. Pancake Breakfast is on November 4th with setup on November 3rd.

Check out our new addition for a webpage. President Spake has requested (at the suggestion of Kiwanian Don VanScotter) that we publish our past speakers and programs. It is done!

September 24, 2001
Well Connie... it's over! You made it through a successful year as President. Follow this link for pictures!

September 17, 2001
What a difference a day makes... No one can possibly express the sorrow felt with the tragedy that occurred last week. Our prayers and sympathy go out to all who have endured the loss of a loved one. Our most heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to the many workers for their unrelenting search for survivors and for those who perished.

Kiwanis International has established the 911 Kiwanis Family Victims Children's Fund for those Kiwanians who wish to contribute towards the relief effort which will be used to aid the children of the countless victims. Of course, there are many worthwhile organizations in which to contribute to and many of you have favorites. Contribute where you feel there is the most need but PLEASE... make sure the contribution will be used appropriately and BEWARE OF SCAMS! Sad to say, they are out there.

WELCOME our newest members, Scott Fischer and Anne Heck! Scott is employed by Virchow Krause and Anne is employed by the Elkhorn School District. Sponsors Brian Watson and Cathy Pomaranski attach the Kiwanis pin to the lapels the the inductees.

From left, James Carlson performing the Induction Ceremony along with Brian Watson, Scott Fischer, Anne Heck and Cathy Pomaranski.

Welcome to our Club! THANKS go out to Brian and Cathy for providing sponsorship. C'mon members, let's keep the momentum going, BRING A GUEST!!

Don't forget our Installation Banquet Monday September 24th. If you haven't signed up and would like to attend the "final roast" of President Connie, contact her today! She still has a couple of days left in her "presidency" to find a plate for you and guest. DON'T MISS IT!!

September 10, 2001
This has got to be one of the "shortest" webpage chronicles for our Club ever! Yours Truly has dropped the ball...BIG TIME. It certainly isn't because I didn't have anything to report. Our Club has been busy throughout the year as always with Pancake Breakfasts, St. Patty's Day Feast, Honors Banquet, Scholarship Night, Calendar Sales, Cancer Walk, JI Case Picnic, meetings, Interclubs and MORE! Check back often, you never know when something just might show up that's new... here goes...

IT'S OVER! The fair parking was a GREAT success! Thanks to everyone who participated and to those patrons who continue to support us. Special thanks to Harlan Laney (the Lot Wizard) who not only organizes the event, sets up the scheduling and the lot but also fills in for "no shows". Unfortunately, Harlan will be handing down his bag of "parking lot marking lime" as this was his last year to organize this. Robert Burton has stepped up the challenge for next year. Bob..., make sure you keep those lines straight! THANKS AGAIN TO ALL!

THANKS to Marcia Blimbergs, Audry Peterson, Jay Karow, Jim Carlson and Lorn & Duste Matelski who on September 7th, went to Great America for Arthur Anderson Night and handed out "Arthur Anderson Dollars" for the event. We have another date set for the end of September. If you can find the time, please volunteer for this worthwhile fundraiser!!

Don't forget our Installation Banquet Monday September 24th. If you haven't signed up and would like to attend the "final roast" of President Connie, contact her today! She still has a couple of days left in her "presidency" to find a plate for you and guest. DON'T MISS IT!!

One last note, remember the "Rotary Putt-Off"? THEY will be "serving" sometime in October (details will follow). DON'T MISS IT!!!

January 8, 2001
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We certainly hope everyone had a pleasant and SAFE holiday season.

Special THANKS go out to all who assisted with the Salvation Army Bell Ringing. Rumor has it we collected more than last year! The annual Christmas Day Dinner was a great success again this year, thanks to Hank Mol and everyone who volunteered to assist. Our special gratitude is extended to our area merchants for providing the needed support! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

A reminder to all Kiwanians, Mid-winter Conference is set February 23-25th in Wausau. The deadline for pre-registration is February 1st. If you would like to attend, contact Jay Karow for registration materials.

EVERYONE, check out the updated Committee Page . An Interclub schedule has been developed by President Connie Woolever. This should give everyone plenty of time to plan for their scheduled Interclub!

That's it for now. Your's Truly will be "basking in the sun" during next Monday's meeting. Yes, I have had enough winter and so has the Missus. She convinced me (didn't take much...) to "get out of town" for a bit. Check back again later!

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