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Content: This page contains brief news summaries for our organization from 2002. If you wish to contact us, please feel free to email us at the address listed below.

NEWS Reports:

October 7, 2002
Where in the world did the Summer go??!! Ever since our 80th Anniversary Celebration, "yours truly" has been running non-stop. Sorry, but just haven't been able to keep this page current for the Summer. Many events have happened, too numerous to list them all. One thing for sure, Kiwanians certainly are an active bunch!

October 1, 2002
For those of you who missed the "Changing of the Guard" last night, you can check out the 2002 Installation of Officers page for pictures and commentary! Many thanks to the outgoing officers and congratulations to the incoming "crew".

April 22, 2002

April 15, 2002
Our Club was proud to present TWO checks from the proceeds received from free-will donations collected during Lenten Luncheons. President Robert Spake presents a check to Frank Grunseth, representing the Elkhorn Food Pantry (left photo) and also to Lorn Matelski, representing Twin Oaks Shelter.

MANY THANKS to everyone who attended and supported the luncheons. The food was excellent and the speakers were SUPERB!

Our "Retro-Prez" was non-other than Jan Oswald. Jan is not only a past president of the Club, but is also a past Lt. Governor. Jan reflected on her goals and accomplishments during her year as president. Thanks Jan!

Our program speaker for today was our very own, "Jay-of-all-trades", Jay Karow. Not only is Jay "Spiritually Inclined"..., does a fair amount of work at Vocational Industries..., is the editor of our newsletter..., he also referee's soccer! Jay provided and excellent insight to the rough and tumble game. "Yours Truly" really had to do some digging back in the ol' archives, but I dug up some "dirt" on this guy!

If you remember some time ago, there seems to have been a "challenge" made by Jay. As I recollect, I believe he challenged the Club to come up with a certain amount of $$$CASH$$$ for IDD. If we did, he'd have his beard removed at a meeting. Well folks, I think it took about TWO members to come up with the dough and voilá!... his beard was gone! Sorry Jay, but with "dirt" like this... just couldn't pass it up!

Good reason Jay CLOSED his eyes. Jan Oswald and Stephanie Angst(Quass) were ready to do some REAL damage to this poor guy!!


April 8, 2002
COME CELEBRATE OUR 80TH ANNIVERSARY! The event will be held at the Moose Creek Inn on April 22, 2002. Moose Creek Inn is located on Hwy H going south from Elkhorn (formerly the Elkhorn Moose Lodge). The festivities will commence at 6pm with cocktails, dinner at 7pm with program and entertainment following. For more information and/or reservations, contact President Robert Spake at 262-723-6445 (bus) or 262-742-2505 (home). By the way, our 80th anniversary JUST happens to fall on our original charter date of... April 22! See you there!

January 21, 2002
Our celebrated Past President for today was none other than Lowell Sweet. Lowell served as president in 1984 and provided the Club with some insight on the Club's activities during his tenure. As you can see, Lowell had some difficulty in keeping a straight face while he related his experiences during his presidency. HEY LOWELL, what was that you said about "dancers" at one of your meetings??

On to a more serious note, our thoughts and prayers go out to Francis Laney (Harlan's significant other) and to Kiwanian Matt Goebel for their recent hospital visits. We are happy to report that both are doing OK and are on the mend.

January 7, 2002
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We certainly hope everyone had a pleasant and SAFE holiday season.

Special THANKS go out to all who assisted with the annual Christmas Day Dinner. It was a great success again this year serving 40 guests, thanks to Hank Mol and EVERYONE who volunteered. Our special gratitude is extended to our area merchants for providing the needed support! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

A reminder to all Kiwanians, Mid-winter Conference is set for February 1-3,2002 at the Regency Suites in Green Bay. The deadline for pre-registration is January 11th. If you would like to attend, contact President Bob Spake immediately to be included for registration.

A little change of pace at our meeting today. President Spake called on Past President Jim Carlson to provide some "Retro-Highlights" during his tenure as 1989-1990 President. Jim indicated membership was around 50 at the time. He also touched on service projects including planting some 75 trees somewhere but no one seems to remember where... If anyone has a clue, give him a call! Next week will be Robert Kennedy's turn.

Our speaker today was the one and only "Critter Dave" Schneider from Pets and Ponds located in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. Dave gave the membership an overview of what Pets and Ponds is all about, including the educational value he provides to local schools and residents.

He just happened to have a couple of his "critters" along for Show-n-Tell. Dave and his friend "Stosh" kept the membership on the edge of their seats for the entire program! "Stosh" even volunteered to "put the squeeze" on fellow Kiwanian, Jerry Hoffman while Dave brought out a very rare Albino Iguana and Albino Snake. Thanks Dave for a very entertaining and educational program!

Check out the updated Committee Page . An Interclub schedule has been developed by President Robert Spake. This should give everyone plenty of time to plan for their scheduled Interclub!

That's it for now. Your's Truly will be "basking in the sun" during next Monday's meeting. Yes, I have had enough winter and so has the Missus. She convinced me (didn't take much...) to "get out of town" for a bit, although compared to last year, this year has been a piece of cake. Check back again later!

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